Radio Melody with Brother Bjorn

Radio Melody is an internet radio music channel owned and compensated by the guy which started broadcast in early 2002. Since the net was during its infancy, Brother Bjorn, whose vision was to be a radio DJ discovered this route to talk about his collection of music genre with friends that loved to listen to music. What began as a hobby was continued to continue life broadcast for near 15 solid years and a lot more to come! Brother Bjorn expects to add more colors and listening enjoyment to his buddies' or listeners by playing strikes against the present and pass, a few of which have not been discovered on commercial airwaves anymore that in return expects to set a large smile on your face and welcoming into the weekend.Certain events, some guests may be invited to host a single section or to take over the entire evening. On more particular events, he'll co-host with the other DJ, Edwin Khoo where more interaction attracts a whole lot of pleasure and laughter.During eve of particular vacations, he might carry extra broadcast to entertain the listeners. Radio Melody plays with a broad genre, music in the East and West or occasionally, may incorporate radio plays to add number to the shows.Listeners are recognized to take part by calling in through skype in radiomelody417 to talk with him or her to dedicate a song to someone or a few people cherished or special. As an alternative, you might send on your request through the form below and he'll try meet your request at his very best capabilities.Don't worry if you miss your entire life broadcast.

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