Warna 94.2 FM

Warna 94.2FM is a Malay language modern music radio station run by Mediacorp. The channel plays a unique mix of global Malay top 40 songs from 1950s and beyond, and supplies an Islamic General Service for Singapore.It is among the country's oldest channels, having started operating on 1 June 1936 as Radio Singapore 2. The branding adhered as the system the channel was in changed names a few times until 23 November 1991 in which the channel gained its present name as Warna (Malay:"Colour").The channel's DJs comprise Suharti Ali & Zakiah Halim, that have over 30 decades of expertise in the radio industry.It is now Singapore's #1 Malay radio channel based on the hottest Nielsen Radio Survey at 1 December 2016.


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