Yes 933

Best pop music radio listeners in Singapore has become the proverbial YES 93.3FM favorite radio channel. At the first quarter of 2012, a local radio station to hear poll results, YES 93.3FM once more become Singapore's highest degrees of radio listening.YES93.3FM predecessor is"93.3 obsessed station", had encouraged the American tv series Shihai specialists as advisers to talk about the performance and management of the channel. Originally known slogan obsessed stations, or"little tune many words, not overlooked, 18-hour broadcasting, supplying uninterrupted Chinese pop tunes that span hard-edged singer abound, there cheng, Fei Yu Feng Fei Fei, oriole Ying et al. has been 93.3 obsessed radio stations exquisite picture of unity, and the major audience to follow songs relax. In 9:33 on January 1, 1990, 93.3 obsessed stations broadcast in extremely grand service in the broadcasting station Radio Tower Auditorium held Sheng encouraged viewers, LP circles at home and abroad to come to increase the enjoyable entertainer that moment moderator Ping Liang and Lin Jinmei also abroad to go to Taiwan singer Julie, when a total of eight stations of obsessed broadcasters, such as Linzi Hui, HE Zi arid, Peng Yuanqing, etc. 1990 December broadcasting hours are extended to 2:00 so as to satisfy the ever-increasing audiences, obsessed Channel as May 1994 started broadcasting 24 hours, putting an unprecedented listing, much ahead of other regional channels so as to allow the audience understand more, a string of outdoor pursuits like: [obsessed obsessed night] and [roughly ] turned into a general public subheading in resistance.

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